Nobody is watching

We could say Nobody is watching is an artistic experiment. Well, we are 6 humans sending each other a video and an instruction day by day in a chain, without the pressure of ever being seen.

Many things happen while nobody is watching. They happen in indoor spaces, in secret places, alone or with someone else. Sleeping, shaving legs, not shaving legs, the monster comes out from under the bed, nose picking, cheating in a boardgame, stealing, corruption, dancing in a stupid way, having only chips for dinner, being depressed, etc.

“Nobody is watching” is  a great opportunity to “put things on the window” (cf. the hungarian expression) that we usually don’t put in the window, especially not in a public space.

artists involved in the project

A-li-ce A-li-ce has been working as a video artist since 2005, with a special focus in the audiovisual performative and installation fields.Interested in identities and memory issues, she uses differents techniques such as drawing, animation and video in order to create her hybrid time collages in motion. Currently fascinated by biological structures, she proposes in her recent works some innovative stories between imagination and realities by using on stage what she calls « live organic editing » to create her visual journeys.

BeBab Central to her work are dreams of a future, which sometimes already are the past. It seems to be a narrow line between memory and invention.

cirrus Rita Eperjesi is a Berlin/Budapest based Hungarian new media artist/art director. What she cares about the most are humans, technology and ideas. And the combinations of these: ideas moving humans. humans connecting to other humans. machines making better humans. robots generating ideas. She also likes shiny textures, bubbles and clouds.

Dalia Castel Dalia’s approach to story telling is deeply influenced by her experience as an editor. Dalia is less interested in linear narratives than in the possible connections and analogies between different materials, she is curious to explore new ways of expression, that can go beyond the rigid format of conventional filmmaking.

Anna Eschenbacher Anna Eschenbacher is a visual artist and creative coder based in Berlin. She is passionate about creative technologies, photography and our environment. Whenever she is not submerged in some kind of mixed reality, she is probably shooting analog film or daydreaming about croissants.

homonym Noemi Yoko Molitor/VJ homonym, PhD, is a Berlin-based artist and writer. She works with painting, found objects and digital colors, and sometimes performs as trial and theresa’s oracle Jane V. Her dissertation “Chrononauts in Chromotopia: Toward an Erotics of Abstract Painting’s Materiality in the Works of Lynda Benglis and Katharina Grosse“ bridges queer theory and art history and explores the erotics of paint color.