A walking bed through dreams

A walking bed through dreams‘ let us explore our desires of escape. Beds become the vehicle to leave our confinement and break free from the pressures and limitations of our reality by diving into an imaginary world where dreams become the new fabric of our world.

artists involved in the project

BeBab Central to her work are dreams of a future, which sometimes already are the past. It seems to be a narrow line between memory and invention. web
DasS These are the DasS travels to explore human worlds. To start new lives. Courageous to go where a human has been before ūüėČ soundcloud web

Marlon (Mary Lilith Fischer) is a music artist. She lives and works in Berlin, and also runs there the community arts and music space The Workshop.
marylilithfischer.devimeo page

onetwothreeSun On Onetwothreesun’s playground are combined 2D animation, illustration, time-and-storytelling-based media.insta
Tensememori is a Berlin-based VJ collective working with self-recorded video and film material that spans from abstract shapes and textures to figurative and even provocative moving images. Their visual universe aims to create a space of fluctuating realities and intense memories. insta