Firehouse Sessions

Not On a Map FS#05

Trial and Theresa collects images and sound and projects them right back into the Kiez. The bicycle as cinema. The neighborhood as director.

Breathing Fire FS#04

Images riding through the air, disappearing behind misty clouds. Steams of video behind windows.

The Boom FS#03

Sonic, economic, tectonic, epidemic… A boom refers to an explosion in the collective imagination, a sudden outburst, a violent shattering—the blowing apart of the precedent.

A boom has detonated worldwide, country after country, to be heard around the whole globe — the sound, an implosion of a world which had long ago run out of steam. What’s left after this global wave of shock?

This boom sprinkled many embers, and we will use these embers to ignite little fires
throughout Neukölln and reclaim the abandoned city.

Following two indoor events for 48H Neukölln 2019 and Transmediale Vorspiel 2020, the Trial & Theresa collective goes out with Firehouse Sessions #03 to digitally hack the city—a tender minefield.

From 19 Juni – 21 Juni 2020
Neukölln Berlin

Liminal FS#02

Futur III FS#01