The Boom

The Projects

As a feminist collective, we want to break the daily grind of the prevailing gloom and address the boom by showing care, exposing vulnerability, celebrating life, and reviving connections between people.

To do so, our audiovisual collective will tell digital stories onto various surfaces of the district, shifting our inner lives, dreams, and fantasies into five collaborative projects: Nobody is watching, The Images of Noise, Blossom out of my knee, A Walking bed through Neukölln and Could be happening here.

B // The Images of Noise

Four Berlin artists play a game
based on the surealsitic model of the Cadavre Exquis.


A // Nobody is watching

We could say Nobody is watching is an artistic experiment. Well, we are 6 humans sending each other a video and an instruction day by day in a chain, without the pressure of ever being seen.


C // Blossom out of my knee

an eruptive vulcano in my brain // wandering around on mushroom feet // grass I didn´t eat at night // the deep forest inside myself // walking in opposite directions // the random beat of my velvet heart


D // A Walking Bed Through Dreams

A walking bed through dreams‘ let us explore our desires of escape.



The boom we are experiencing is one of techno-capitalism and surveillance where our privacy, freedom of movement, gathering and methods of resisting are traded against our acceptance…


Sonic, economic, tectonic, epidemic …

A boom refers to an explosion in the collective imagination, a sudden outburst, a violent shattering—the blowing apart of the precedent.
A boom has detonated worldwide, country after country, to be heard around the whole globe—the sound, an implosion of a world which had long ago run out of steam. What’s left after this global wave of shock?

The performance will take place during 48 hours in the form of audiovisual installations on the windows of different shops in Berlin Neukölln and outdoor walls.

We invite the outdoor audience and our fellows at home to experience a higher sensitivity to their surroundings through a non-stop collective audiovisual performance among different connected projection spaces in Neukölln.