Blossom out of my knee

an eruptive vulcano in my brain // wandering around on mushroom feet // grass I didn´t eat at night // the deep forest inside myself // walking in opposite directions // the random beat of my velvet heart // sipping ice-cream out of high heels // riding on a bike in circles or in a lying 8 // letters`s I didn´t write // waiting to be part … of you!

This daydream-poem is the entrance to a phantastic world of ? im-possible? situations ….and dreamlike sequences………of imaginations to survive …….by escaping our common reality ……no rules, … dos and dont´s…….just you and me, and you and you, and you and me…….here or there …..or anywhere…. – just imagine and go for it….one…many……or ALL!.

artists involved in the project

ann_on_loops is a visual/sound artist and performer with a sculptural background whose work investigate the physicallity of sound and its effects on our perception of space as well as the sculptural potential of moving images. In her video – works the narratives are fragile and fragmented, assoziative and mostly abstract – poetic. They can be read as inner landscapes and offer space for manyfold associations.


Shelley Pellegrin is an English writer, freestyle MC, and visualist. Her best moments are off the record, in the moment, a synthesis of the energies in the space. She is forever experimenting because each moment is new.
Shelley PellegrinSoundcloud

Marlon (Mary Lilith Fischer) is a music artist. She lives and works in Berlin, and also runs there the community arts and music space The Workshop.
marylilithfischer.devimeo page


Tense memori is a female VJ collective based in Berlin. The members all have backgrounds in film/video art and photography, and create visual urban ghosts and dreamlike landscapes in their performances.

For Yildie, electronic music is a statement and definitely a way of life. Apart from producing, she has an extensive background in music, playing uncompromising sound as a DJ since many years.