About T&T

Trial and Theresa is a feminist art collective with over 20 Berlin-based visual artists and VJs/visual jockeys.

The group was founded in Berlin in 2018 with an emphasis on the presence of w%#*n in the electronic arts scene. Trial and Theresa’s artistic practice is based on collective experimentation in the fields of Live A/V, installation, cross-media performance and live cinema.



A-li-ce – Claire Fristot (FR) – Video and Live visual artist – VJ
ann_on_loops – Anne Wodtcke (DE) – Video artist
Anna Eschenbacher (DE) – Filmmaker and photographer
Bebab – Beatrice Babin (DE) – Film editor and cinema professor
cirrus – Rita Eperjesi (HU) – New Media artist and creative coder
Cojasch – Cornelia Albrecht (DE) – Film editor and director
Dalia Castel (IL) – Film editor and director
DasS (DE) – Sound and visual artist
Paula Durinova (SK) – Filmmaker and video artist
Sofia Fontenla (AR) – Photography director and filmmaker
Grit.Kit – Grit Schuster (DE) – New Medias artist and game designer
Guxor – Agustina Sentana (AR) – Visual artist and performer
homonym – Noemi Y. Molitor (DE) – Painter and art writer
Jääß – Jessical Pinahl (FR) – AI researcher and artist
Jitterhorse – Daniel Hengst (DE) – Media and sound artist
onetwothreeSun – Alexandra Huchet (FR) – Illustrator and animator
Perrine Marais (FR) – Animator and illustrator
rhythm ø – Anja Struck (DE) – Film editor and video artist
Sarah GHP – Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo (US) – Video artist, live code visualist
Shelley Pellegrin (UK) – Photographer, visual and sound artist
Paloma Schnitzer (AR) – Video artist
Pixelflowers (IT) – Visual artists duo, VJing Queer Hybridities
Lenna Stam (GR) – Visual artist and costume designer
Tensememori (INT) – Video artists trio and filmmakers


Ane (PL) – Music artist
Faulty Agatha – Valeria Barvinska (UA) – Coding and visual artist
Jana Spacelight – Jana Auer (DE) – Video artist
Liudmila Kartoshkina-Siewerski (RU) – Video artist
Prifma (AR) – Visual artists duo
Mary Lilith Fischer (IT-DE) – Music artist & founder of The Workshop
Mila Chiral (DE) – Music artist
Anna Toni Leopolder (DE) – Music artist
Bridget Feral (US) – Music artist
Milena Pafundi (AR) – Visual artist
Päfgens (SK) – Music artists duo
Realillusion – Atefeh Kheirabad (IRN) and Mehrad Sepahnia (IRN) – Experimental filmmakers
Françoise Rosen (UA)- Music artist
Swub (DE) – Music artist

VJ Open Lab – Berlin based VJ community
Female:pressure – Int. music network