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The boom we are experiencing is one of techno-capitalism and surveillance where our privacy, freedom of movement, gathering and methods of resisting are traded against our acceptance to looming stateorganised scrutiny and control.

We want to invite artists to think critically about this new challenge we face. Whether by denunciating the upcoming dystopia or by imagining and proposing digital emancipating utopias.


artists involved in the project

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Paula Durinova (1987, Slovakia) is a documentary filmmaker, photographer and writer living and working between Berlin and Slovakia. Driven by the emotions of visuality, the focus of her storytelling is people and places that surround her. Post-communist countries, social issues, religion, intimacy or mental borders are the main topics of her multimedia work.
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Sofia Fontenla comes from a filmmaking background and she is now exploring with video synthesis, glitch art and projection mapping to create live A/V performances.
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Paloma Schnitzer’s work is based on her interest in revising the images that surround everyday life, focusing on the relationship between devices, their functioning in societies and the traces they leave. She intends to break into what, in a slip, might be taken for granted. Whether collecting images from surveillance cameras, the Internet or processing the reflection of light bathing in city materials, her works intertwine the mechanical and the organic, the tangible and the immaterial.

Tensememori is a Berlin-based VJ collective working with self-recorded video and film material that spans from abstract shapes and textures to figurative and provocative moving images. Their visual universe aims to create a space of fluctuating realities and intense memories.
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